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Out Now! Ghostly Horizon is now available on Steam Early Access!

April 4, 2018

Ghostly Horizon is now released on Early Access!


Come join in and have fun with us and help build the games community and shape the game during Early Access!


Steam Store: (Available now!)





Ghostly Horizon is an intense 3rd-person spell-caster on round planets. In a cute low-poly environment you enjoy crazy battles with 30+ different spells, preferably together with your friends.

Focus is placed on both player-skill and teamwork in this matchbased game with quick rounds.
There is no story to follow and the aim of the game is to have fun and become a better player to be able to defeat the different game modes in a harder difficulty!
And to top the Leaderboards of course!


Play Solo, Co-op or PvP in 5 Different Game-Modes and in 8 Different Difficulties!


What is to come during Early Access?

- New planets to play on

- New, better looking, Character Models (Ghosts and Ectos)

- Unlockable Skills (Double Jump, Haste, etc.)

- Unlockable Bonuses (20% Fire Buff, etc.)

- Steam Achievements

- Steam Trading Cards


Best Regards

Markus Boberg - Game Designer / Programmer

Ghostly Horizon Team

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