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Ghostly Horizon Release Date, Trailer and EXG Rezzed

March 7, 2018

We are very happy to announce that Ghostly Horizon will be Releasing in Steam Early Access on April 4th.

A Full-Release is aimed at the end of August 2018 if Early Access goes well.


We have a new Trailer up!


Ghostly Horizon will be attending EGX Rezzed in London on April 13-15th. Come chat with us and try the game out and enjoy the amazing venue of Tobacco Dock and all other games that will attend!



Ghostly Horizon will have a very low price at 4.99 (USD/EUR) during Early Access and that price will change to around 9.99 (USD/EUR) at Full-Release.


About Ghostly Horizon

Ghostly Horizon is an intense 3rd-person spell-caster (shooter) on spherical worlds. In a cute low-poly stylized setting with unforgiving battles. You play as either a Ghost or an Ecto and battle it out on round planets!


Play Solo, Online Co-op or Competitive PvP in many different game-modes.

Survival – Solo or Co-op

Invasion – Solo or Co-op

Battle Royale – Free-for-all PvP

Conquest – Team-based PvP

Arena – Solo, Co-op or PvP


Customize your Ghost or Ecto by changing eyes, cloth, crystals and smoke. Take full control over the characters color-scheme.


Choose from 8 different spell-elements, from Fire and Ice to Void, Acid and more!

A multitude of different spells from, heavy projectiles and bolts to sprays, slashes, instants and rays. Heal yourself and friends with different types of healing spells.


Adjust your character-build to suit your playstyle! Adjust your regen and points for health, stamina and energy as you want them and see your characters stats (cooldown, move-speed, protection, etc.) change depending on your build. Build your healer, tank, ranged, close-combat characters exactly as you want them!


See your spells get better the more you use them and unlock extra bonuses while playing.


The cute look makes the intense battles take you by surprise! Be prepared for 8 different difficulties and to be humbled by being outplayed by AIs.

Difficulty is raised by making the AIs “play” better, their spells never damage more!


We challenge you and your friends to get together and beat the Invasion Game-Mode on the hardest difficulty in either Solo or Co-op! ;-)


Quick list of features

Singleplayer, Online Co-op, Competitive Multiplayer, Matchmaker, Server Launcher, Character Customizer, Stats and Skills Customization, Spherical World, 32 different spells, progress by using spells, Steam Achievements, Steam Leaderboards, partial Xbox controller support, ingame chat, tutorial, spherical world-map, server-synced day-night cycle, teleports, boost your friends ingame, and much more.

Full-Release Features

Multiple and diverse planets to play on.

New player-character models, customizations and new animations. A complete overhaul.

Full progression system with more stats, bonuses, skills and more.

Full Controller Support

More Steam Achievements

More Steam Leaderboards

Steam Trading Cards implementation

And more!

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