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Beta is Incoming

October 10, 2017

Ghostly Horizon is aiming at starting Beta Testing in December 2017.


To join the beta please Follow the game on Steam now.

You will be able to get a Steam Beta-Key for the game when the time comes, if you follow the game.


Steam Store Page:


Development before Beta starts:

Currently we are working on AI, to be able to provide offline and Co-op gameplay. The AI code is 90% complete, we are working on getting a good aim code for the AI right now. AI can patrol a set path, guard a bunch of objectives or explore the planet in search for enemies. If the AI sees a player it goes into combat mode and if the AI loses track of the player it will travel to the last place it knew that the player was and search around that area for a while before going back to its original objective of patrolling, guarding or exploring.


After the AI is done we are implementing a new network sync code that only sync players and AI that are close to each other in-game. This allows us to have more players on a server since not all data needs to be sent to all players (as most games do). We can do this in a good way because the game-world is a round planet.


When the new net-sync is done we are creating a Character Customization system. The current Ghosts and Ectos in the screenshots and videos are placeholders during Alpha.


GameModes during beta will be:

Battle Royale - Free for all PvP with shrinking play-area for intense fighting.

Conquest - Side-based PvP. Battle over objectives and destroy the enemies home.

Arena - PvP, Coop, Singleplayer. Fight it out 1v1 or 3v3 in different arenas around the planet.

Survival - Coop, Singleplayer. The Ectos have invaded, you need to survive and kill as many as possible.


Here is a video showing the lobby screen (without the UI), a camera that circulates the planet randomly.


Best Regards

Markus Boberg - Game Designer / Programmer

Ghostly Horizon Team

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